Alternative Credit

Alternative Credit

College of DuPage full time faculty can use textbook replacements projects for Alternative Credit. See the Contractual Agreement 2019-2023, Section J1, for details. The process includes completing the Alternative Credit form and working with your Dean to approve the project. Semester-equivalent credits are conferred upon completion of the project.

Please contact your Alternative Credit representative to obtain the most recent iteration of the project form. Faculty could use the OER Support Program project types to guide the development of the alternative credit project. And review examples of OER projects.

Some people may need to include Alternative Credit projects in their PEP. See the contract and your Dean for details about PEP’s.


Include hours in your plan for learning about open education and open licensing. There are plenty of professional development opportunities available that could be included in your application. And be sure to add hours for independent study of these subjects.

Include hours for researching OER available in your discipline area.

Include hours for learning how to use the COD Digital Press if you intend to publish your work in this repository.

Include hours for meeting with your colleagues about your textbook replacement project. Buy-in from colleagues will strengthen your application and your Dean is going to ask you to do this anyway.

Include an hour or two for working with an OER Steering Committee representative to help with the structure of your textbook replacement project.

More help and information is available from the chair of FCAC and the Co-Chair of the OER Steering Committee.

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