Steering Committee

OER Steering Committee

2019-2022 Final Report


The OER Steering Committee will direct and continuously evaluate the College’s OER textbook initiative and provide recommendations for the development of a large-scale textbook affordability plan.

Relationship to the Strategic Plan

This initiative aligns with the College’s Strategic Goals, particularly in the areas of Value-Added Education, Student Centeredness, Equality and Inclusiveness, Innovativeness, and Financial Stewardship. 


The committee will meet once per semester and as needed for timely business such as the review of faculty OER support requests, college-wide textbook affordability programming, and related topics.

  1. The committee will keep detailed minutes of meetings and provide monthly summary reports to be shared with the Provost’s office and the college community. 
  2. The committee will report regularly to the Provost & College President. 
  3. At the direction of the Provost, committee members will present to the BOT Academic Committee and/or the Committee of the Whole.

Committee Reports
2019-2020 Initial Committee Charge
2019-2020 Committee Report
2019-2020 Research Report: Faculty attitudes on textbooks and college affordability


This committee will be composed of constituency groups from across the college. Leadership of this committee will be shared by faculty and administration. Administrators on this committee represent key areas of the college that direct and support teaching, manage student services, or address equity issues on campus. As leaders and influencers in this effort, faculty & staff on this committee have adopted, created, and/or have contributed significantly to the development Creative Commons-licensed OER textbooks.

Standing Members

Provost’s Office: Dr. Mark Curtis-Chavez, Chair.
Faculty: Lauren Kosrow Co-Chair, Karin Evans, Kevin Fink, Ken Gray, Peter James, Christine Kickels, Christine Monnier, Alyssa Pasquale, & Joel Quam.
Academic Administrator: Ms. Kris Fay
Library Administrator: Ms. Jennifer McIntosh
Student Affairs: Pathways Steering & Illinois Equity in Attainment: Vacant
Learning Technologies: Lara Tompkins
Student Life: Chuck Steele
Financial Affairs & Bookstore Advisory: Ellen Roberts