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2019-2020 Draft legislation in the Illinois House RE: College Affordability including open educational resources.

2020 Activity: 

  • HB 2509 (2019 Carryover): This bill would create the Fundamental Issues and Texts of Western Civilization Degree pilot program – one of the goals of this program must be to use open education resources. Last Action: Re-referred to Rules Committee – 03/29/2019. Sponsor: Rep Deanne Mazzochi, 47th.
  • SB 2290: This bill requires the Illinois Community College Board to publish on its website online textbooks and supplementary learning materials, including faculty resources, for the 20 most common courses taught at community colleges for any community college student or faculty member to access free of charge and without limitation. This bill also requires the Board to consult with community college faculty members in the development of these online textbooks and materials. Last Action: Introduced, first reading, referred to Assignments – 10/28/2019. Sponsor: Sen. David Kohler, 46th.
  • HB 4924: This bill amends the Board of Higher Education Act and the Public Community College Act to require the governing board of each public university and community college district to annually submit to the Board of Higher Education or the Illinois Community College Board a plan to expand the use of open educational resources, open textbooks, and commercial digital learning materials in order to achieve savings for students enrolled in the institution of higher education. Last Action: Referred to Rules Committee – 02/18/2020. Sponsor: Rep. Grant Wehrli, 41st.
  • HB 4992: This bill creates the Cap College Costs Pilot Program – this requires one public high school, one public community college, and one public university to develop a competency-based baccalaureate degree program that focuses on the fundamental issues and texts of western civilization. The program must use open educational resources. This bill also creates an open educational resources panel, which must identify initiatives to support the use of open educational resource materials and make recommendations to the General Assembly on the findings. And this bill requires public universities or community college districts to clearly indicate courses that exclusive use digital course materials that are free to charge to students or that have low-cost options for print versions. Last Action: Referred to Rules Committee – 02/18/2020. Sponsor: Rep Deanne Mazzochi, 47th.

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