Reassigned Time Project Types
For individuals and groups. Groups of two or more faculty are encouraged. Up to five (5) reassigned time projects are granted in Fall and in Spring semesters. For faculty teams, each member will receive reassigned time, or reassigned time with stipend in consecutive semester order. Projects that continue over multiple terms will be evaluated at the end of each semester.

NOTE: Attending a workshop on the basics of OER is required for all applicants.

Revision Project (One course release, one semester maximum)
Projects that were originally funded by a COD OER Support Grant are eligible for a revision grant three years after the original project completion. Open projects must currently reside in a publicly accessible open repository (e.g. COD Digital Press) in order to qualify. Applicants will demonstrate the need for substantial revisions beyond the expectation for regular, ongoing maintenance of open materials.

Original Writing (One or two course/s release, two semesters plus a 3 hour stipend maximum, in consecutive semester order.)
[Timelines: Fall + Spring + Summer Stipend; Spring + Summer Stipend + Fall; Fall + Spring; Spring + Fall]
OER materials are not available for every discipline and specialized course taught at COD. Faculty will write completely original textbook materials in discipline areas in which suitable open materials are not available. Applicants will include an evaluation of all OER in the subject area in their application materials and describe the gap in the available openly licensed materials. Faculty can apply for stipend support in subsequent semesters to develop ancillary materials such as test banks and study guides for their OER text. Progress will be evaluated at the end of each semester by the OER Steering Committee.
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