Takeaways From the NACS Faculty Watch 2020 Survey

Takeaways From the NACS Faculty Watch 2020 Survey OER Takeaways 38% percent of faculty used some form of OER during the past 12 months 41% of faculty plan to use OER in the next 12 months 60% of all faculty were at least moderately familiar with OER 13% said they had never heard of openContinue reading “Takeaways From the NACS Faculty Watch 2020 Survey”

Helping Students Tackle Disinformation

Helping Students Tackle Disinformation Michael A. Caulfield’s web literacy guide, Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers, provides fun and effective strategies for students to evaluate information they find on the web such as how to fact-check, tracing viral images, and more. The recent “Teaching” newsletter in The Chronicle of Higher Education highlights Caulfield’s open text andContinue reading “Helping Students Tackle Disinformation”