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COD Digital Press

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Pressbooks is a book creation and management system. The backbone of Pressbooks EDU is the easy-to-use WordPress content creation system. Pressbooks can be used to publish textbooks, workbooks, course guides, department handbooks, and more. In addition to being a familiar word processor, it also includes many tools for educational texts such HP5 for adding interactivity to your content, mathematical notations, interactive data tables, ability to embed many types of media, and more. The Hypothesis tool adds social interaction to your books. Books published on the COD Digital Press can be exported in a variety of accessible formats and can be easily connected to BlackBoard. Take a look at the catalog to see how our faculty are using Pressbooks!

How to get started with the COD Digital Press
  1. Contact Lara Tompkins or Lauren Kozrow for your Pressbooks account
  2. Attend a COD Pressbooks workshop (see events calendar for dates).
  3. Check out this video to get a feel for the functionality of Pressbooks:
Resources and Guides

Pressbooks Guide for Authors

Pressbooks Network Manager’s Guide