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Board of Trustees Meeting
Update on the OER Steering Committee. Presented by Denise Cote

Student Stories Project
Interviews with students about textbook costs. Presented to the Board of Trustees by the Office of Student Life. Produced by Multimedia Services.

Overview of the Textbook Marketplace 
Stacy Zapko, Danita Kirkegaard, & Martina Dimova-Martinez, Follett, Inc. 
The presenters are experts in the academic publishing and college store industries. In this session, attendees were provided an overview of the textbook industry, learned about how college stores function in the textbook marketplace, and were provided information on options for lowering costs and increasing access for students using commercial course materials. 
Moderator: Ellen Roberts

Board of Trustees Presentation
Update on the Open Education Program at COD. (Cote, Gray, Miller, Delgado, Emerich, Steele, Tompkins, Evans.)

April 16th 1:00-2:15
Introduction to Zero Textbook Cost Degree Programs.
Dr. Richard Sebastian, Coordinator of Open & Digital Learning, Achieving the Dream 
Dr. Sebastian discussed how zero-textbook cost (ZTC) degree programs benefit students and institutions and will offer guidance on how to start planning and implementing these types of programs. Presentation slides
Moderators: Mark Curtis Chavez & Roberto Valadez 

March 26, 2021
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with OER.
Shinta Hernandez, Department Chair of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice at Montgomery College in Montgomery County, Maryland  
The use of OER can make education more equitable and can increase success. However, like traditional materials, open educational resources are not particularly diverse or inclusive.  In this interactive workshop, Shinta Hernandez introduced ways that the flexibility of Open & Renewable assignments can help faculty address issues of diversity and inclusion in their classes. Presentation slides
Moderators: Denise Cote & Karin Evans.

March 19, 2021
Working with OER: Benefits to Faculty
Gray, Polities, Nikolova, Vrettos, Miller.
Open Educational Resources has many affordances for students but working with OER also benefits a faculty member’s scholarly and professional life. COD OER-Champions discussed how they personally benefit from working with Open.
Moderator: Joel Quam 

March 12, 2021
Accessibility Standards and Open Educational Resources. (recording being transcribed.)
Teresa Schultz & Elena Azadbakht, Library Faculty, UN-Reno.
Presenters introduced accessibility standards, describe the basics of making course materials accessible to all students, and discuss the results of their ACRL-grant funded research on accessibility in OER. 
Moderator: Lara Tompkins

Fall 2020

Joel Quam: Writing Process
Joel Quam has written book-length materials for his students, co-authored an Open textbook, and has written a novel. In this presentation, Joel describes his writing process. Includes chat transcript in Yuja.

Michael Duggan: Writing Process
Michael has written many large projects including a dissertation, a published academic text, and an OER textbook. In this presentation, Michael describes his writing process.
Includes chat transcript in Yuja.