Health Sciences

Health Sciences

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Anesthesia Technology

Project: Anesthesia Technology Program Textbook & Licensing Prep Guide

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Health Information Technology

Medical Terminology

Building a Medical Terminology Foundation
Authors: Kimberlee Carter and Marie Rutherford

Building a Medical Terminology Foundation is an OER that focuses on breaking down medical terms into their word parts, pronouncing medical terms, and learning the meaning of medical terms within the context of introductory anatomy and physiology. This resource is targeted for health office administration and health services students in the first year of their college programs.

Medical Terminology
Authors: authors not provided

This course introduces nursing students to the language of the Health Sciences and medicine with emphasis on body systems, prefixes, suffixes, root terms, and spelling. Upon completion, students will be able to analyze words structurally and demonstrate a correlation of the word elements with basic anatomy, physiology, and disease processes of the body.


Project: Health 1100 Textbook

Introduction to Nursing
Authors: Michelle Boyce, et al.

This LibGuides-based open textbook covers an overview of nursing history, professional roles, professional education, legal and ethical considerations, evidence-based practice, caring, the culture of nursing, technology and informatics, and nursing theories. [Adapted from Author/Publisher]

Nursing Pharmacology
Authors: Chippewa Valley Technical College

This open access Nursing Pharmacology textbook is designed for entry-level undergraduate nursing students.  It explains basic concepts of pharmacology and describes common medication classes. [Adapted from Author/Publisher]

OpenRN is an ambitious project by Chippewa Valley Technical College. This project is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and will include 5 textbooks and 25 simulations. Nursing Pharmacology is currently available.