Fine & Applied Arts

Fine & Applied Arts

A selection of peer reviewed and/or widely used openly licensed resources for courses and programs in this discipline area. This is only a selection. Search for materials using tools on the Finding Sources page.

Denotes materials currently in use at COD.

Animation Motion Graphics


Introduction to Land Surveying
Authors: XanTh Stack Editors: Alexa Johnson, et al.

The Practical Book of Architecture
Authors: Charles Matlack Price, Internet Archive

The book gives a thorough working knowledge of architecture and architectural styles, so far as is necessary for the use of the general reader. [Adapted from Author/Publisher]


Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning
Authors: Pamela Sachant and Peggy Blood

Combining the best elements of both a traditional textbook and a reader, it introduces such issues in art as its meaning and purpose; its meaning and purpose; its structure, material, and form; and its diverse effects on our lives. Its digital nature allows students to follow links to applicable sources and videos, expanding the students’ educational experiences beyond the textbook. [Adapted from Author/Publisher]



Fashion Studies


Graphic Design, Advertising, Web and Illustration

Interior Design

Motion Picture/Television