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Image block

Paragraph Block
Change paragraph block double-spacing. Hard return starts another <p> block. Have to add *<br>*’s for single single space and new paragraph.

Image Captions: mouse over “write caption” no text editing…disappears.

Group Block of column, image, heading, paragraph: Size of paragraph block changes the layout of the images/heading. (Covert to usable block)

Menu: Adding existing page. About Open is not showing up as a menu link choice

How to move blocks around. Up and Down arrows move the block to the beginning or end of the page.

Can I use HP5 on my site? no

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Countdown thingy


  hours  minutes  seconds


Countdown to Campus Reopening

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About the Creative Commons

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About Open

General information about Open. Steering Committee, State Policy, Research j

Working with OER

Finding aids, tips for searching, licenses, etc. Courses, Presentations, Handouts, etc.

hi the caption is working here!

Faculty Grants Program

Information about the grant program.